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Tatra Account


Regarding experience of many salesmen and marketers in financial indutry we created outstanding service exactly regarding clients needs. We named it Tatra Account.


  • Is very good saleable
  • Represents everything important for the clients
  • Creates very interesting income for provider

Tatra account represents a new generation of profit-making and investment account managed by the world’s TOP money managers.

We bring the opportunity to whitelabel this service under your name and provide it to your clients. There are many ways to do it – and we prefer to create turn-key solutions for our clients.

White Label (Private Label) of Tatra Account can include:

  • Tatra Account very good saleable model based on years of experience of financial services salesmen and marketers
  • Use of our money managers
  • Traderlists
  • Marketing materials as brochures, banners, …
  • Website for clients and backoffice for introducers / salesmen
  • Sales model and processes
  • Development whole trading enviroment

As was written – we are able to prepare turn-key solution for each client.

Request more information about whitelabelling of Tatra Account

The era of earning only from management or performance fee is over. You can earn from each trade made and still keep and deliver great performance to your clients.

TatraAccount is managed account held at „brokerage company / Asset Management Company / Bank“ but put into the clothes of interesting product for retail clients.
We are able to prepare many variants regaridng our partners needs.

Watch the existing Tatra Account website here – you can see there whole composition of these outstanding service.

Tatra Account is created to be used and whitelabeled by

  • Asset managers
  • Banks
  • FX brokerages

All these institutions can cover Tatra Account by regulation rules and offer to its clients.

Request more information about what financial effect can bring for your institution adding TatraAccount to portfolio of your services.