Outsourcing of all or part of trading activities to one or more of our well sellected money managers together with LCH value added can bring you significant economic efect in profits for you and also wished diversification and performance for your clients.

We bring the solutions for funds and asset managers who

  • Want to diversify their trading activities into more money managers or strategies
  • Add to their portfolio also trading strategies on markets which they do not have covered

We collect under our banner money managers around the globe who can pass our rigorous due-dilligence and who proove themselves as experts in the field of trading and their strategies, systems or portfolios as robust and reliable.

Our team consits from headhunters specialized in the financial industry and also porfolio managers with over 10 years experience in trading and portfolio management. This strong combination of skills and experience allowed us to create a model that we are able successfully to:

  • Search for and find
  • Identify
  • Sellect
  • And contract

Best money managers available around the globe.

We are able as identify talents as work with experienced proffessionals.

Learn more about our money managers or request more information about ways how you can outsource your trading activities or part of them to our money managers.