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LCH Capital provide its services to wide range of clients across the financial industry. Among our clients you can find

  • Funds
  • Banks
  • Retail and Institutional FX brokerages
  • Asset and Wealth managers

We specialize to searching for great money managers worldwide, collect them under our banner and bring retail and instutional clients access to their services.

All our services are turn-key solution. Each client is different and has differnt needs. Some are seeking diversification, some need to reduce their costs or increase profits and others looks for new kind of services for their clients.

Our services consitis mainly from

  • Providing outsourcing of trading services
  • White label of TatraAccount investment service
    (there are many levels of whitelabelling and each level reflect special need of each client)
  • Establishing whole enviroment necessary for trading

Learn more about our services on specific pages.