Experts in Quant Research and
Algorithmic Trading Systems Development


Automated Trading System Subscription

Choose from our premium fully automated trading systems, subscribe and trade it on your own account totaly hands free.

We support up to 50 brokerages and clearing houses. Learn more about our premium trading strategies..

On Demand Portfolio

Proffesionaly designed portfolio significantly improves risk-adjusted return and smoothing equity (stabilizes results).

We are creating on demand portfolios to achieve great risk reward synergy and prepare it with considering your account size and risk preferences.

Tailor-made Strategy Development

Proffesional algo system development service for individuals and institutions. Define market, deliver data and we do the rest…

Complete automated strategy with open code and documentation which successfully passed rigirous robustness testing.

„unbeatable synergy of machine learning together with over 10 years extensive trading and portfolio management experience“

All our systems were developed with the aim to generate stable returns long-term. Each one successfully passed extensive and rigorous stress and robustness testing. They prooved strong robustness and ability to adapt and profitable work on changing markets.