Experts in Algorithmic Trading
and Portfolio Management

What we do:

Managed Futures Portfolios

Choose from our existing portfolios or we can create one based on your expectations, account size, and risk preferences.


Automated Trading System Subscription

Choose from our premium fully automated trading systems, subscribe and trade on your own account totally hands-free. We support up to 50 brokerages and clearing houses.

Services for Institutional Clients

Portfolio Management Outsourcing for Hedge Funds

We can cover research, trading and portfolio management for hedge funds and institutions.

Our expertise is in the development of futures low frequency directional algorithmic systems which we use for building multi-portfolio investment products.

Tailor-made Investment Products for Sales Teams and Wealth Managers

We can prepare saleable investment products based on the “managed futures / managed account” principle. This type of product will be designed to fit your and your clients’ needs.

„unbeatable synergy of machine learning together with over 10 years extensive trading and portfolio management experience“

Our goal is to generate stable returns in the long term for our clients . That’s why we build on several principles:

  • robustness and adaptability of our trading algorithms,
  • great diversification of portfolios,
  • active portfolio administration during cooperation.