Premium Futures Algorithmic Trading Systems

Published systems are premium selection of our system development production which is much more wider.

Each of them passed rigorous robustness testing and proved ability to work well on changing markets. Choose the one which best fit your needs or create robust and well diversified portfolio regarding your preferences.

NameTraded instrumentType
(Intraday / Swing)
Average Annual Net Profit ($)Average Month Net Profit ($)Max. Historical Drawdown ($) 
FalconRTY - E-mini Russell 2000ID33292774131
Falcon YMYM - E-mini DowID30862574265
AtamanNG - Natural GasID72696664550
OctagonHO - Heating OilID1302710937961
ChronosHO - Heating OilID110669378774
ThasosHO - Heating OilID13955117110563
PolarisCL - Crude OilID75116558240
Huron 60NQ - Nasdaq 100S109669497490
HromNQ - Nasdaq 100S891077110400
YmanYM - e-mini Dow ($5)S711159811975
GromS - SoybeansS16648145312267
AdagioS - SoybeansS1505613148752
OsakaLH - Lean HogsS73336247273
OgamaLH - Lean HogsS74376339897
KronC - CornS82947078043
KoronasC - CornS88337476083
Solo SM - Soybean MealS111899319290
AndaluciaKW - HRW WheatS88627386585

* Presented results originate from simulated trading of 1 contract and incorporat transaction costs of $10 and slippage $20 RT

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