Traded Instrument S&P MidCap 400 Futures
Average Annual Net Profit $ 8750
Average Monthly Net Profit $ 650
Max Historical Drawdown $ 5689
Sugested Capital $ 20000
Traded since 01 / 2018
Monthly fee $ 70

* The presented final equity as well as all presented results are traded with one contract and incorporate transaction costs and slippage of $35 RT

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Fusion Index is well designed „small portfolio“ which consists of two Striker`s TOP 10 trading systems. If they are traded together they create amazing synergy and provide great results. That`s why Fusion Index is offered as one product with graet price.

Systems which are included to this small portfolio are Falcon RTY and Aquila EMD. There is 0 – 0.1 correlation between the systems in portfolio what means that they are absolutely independent and provide great synergy and diversification.

Each of involved trading systems was developed by professional money manager with more than 10 years trading experience. In development process he combines strengths and best practices from discretionary trading in combination with portfolio management career and math background.

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