We have been dealing with trading since 2009.

Until 2014 we worked with a number of fund managers, traders and algo developers (quants) from the whole world. During this cooperation we were creating and managing portfolios of trading systems and managing their risk settings.

In 2015 we started working on the development of automatised trading systems under our own roof with the aim of coming to our own fund after some time.


Quantum Financial team consists of few full time professional traders and programmers. Each one has more than 10 years of extensive discretionary or algo trading experience.

We are continuously working or participating on many research projects which are bound with trading, system development, portfolio management, money management, …

Our expertise includes: trading, automated systems development, portfolio management, risk management.

Future and Ambition

Our ambition in the future is to run own hedge fund.

In near future we also plan to set up educational institute named Quantum Trading Academy. There we want to share our skills and experience with other traders.

Values or what is important

Long-term sustainable and stable performance

Well diversified portfolio consisted of robust trading strategies

We trade our systems and portfolios also on our accounts