Systems Development

While developing systems we look for…

  • Actual edge in the market… logic that is widely robust (it worked, works and will work) and at the same time adaptable to the development and change in markets
  • system/strategies which are capable of long-term functioning and bringing stable profits
  • systems which provide desired results from the point of view of the ratio between profit and risk
  • the system must show adaptability to the changing conditions of the market


  • The development of systems is always under way with the part of historical data from a particular market only
  • all the historical data used for the development, testing, and verifying comes from actual markets
  • every trading system must operate with ease, even after counting in the transaction cost and slippage, which are an invitable part of live trading
  • our systems always come with the stoploss function, which clearly defines the maximum risk for each individual trade

Verifying robustness:

  • The robustness of a system, its functionality in the uncertain and changing future conditions in the market and avoidance of curve-fitting, is the basis for our workflow
  • In the process of testing and verifying robustness, we implement behavioural, as well as various mathematical and statistical methods such as cluster analysis, stress testing, Monte Carlo simulation and many others
  • Ultimately, the key thing is the capability of the system to behaviourally deal with and function in different and changing conditions of various markets

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