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Who we are and what we do

LCH Capital Inc. is technological and trading company acting in the field of asset management and altenative investments industry.

Our specialization is in collecting best fund and money managers and traders worldwide under our banner and creating the enviroment for retail and institutional investors to meet those fund managers and use thier services.

LCH Capital Inc. also creates legal and technological enviroment and offer services for brokers, asset management companies and funds with the aim to provide their clients „autotrading / managed account service“ of the best possible quality.

LCH Capital Inc. operates worldwide and have several divisions:

  • Retail services (TatraAccount)
  • Trading and technology services for brokers, funds and asset management companies

Our team consists from members with over 10 years experience in the fields

  • Headhunting and Executive search
  • Trading, Portfolio and Risk Management
  • Financial and Investment Advisory
  • Business Development
  • Third Party Marketing

Which creates strong synergy to deliver best results for successfull business.

Our prior goal is to let our partners and clients profit from the synergy of

  • our know how to find and sellect the best money nad fund managers worldwide
  • their skills, expertise and experience to trade the markets and deliver longterm positive performance
  • and our ability to create finest enviroment

to deliver best effect for each party – which is profit